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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 18, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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not the only ones. >> they are the good news. but the bad news is in there and state capitols everywhere they keep adding more red tape. they should stop, but tonight on red eye. does the department of education want to replace crossing guards with chickens? we have the exclusive interview with one of the first trainees. plus, dots vice president think the declaration of independence is a big conspiracy? >> where is it written? i mean this sincerely. where was it written? finally, jogging. is it in fact the most boring activity of all time in the question the lame stream media refuses to ask. none of these stories on red eye tonight. now, let's welcome our guest. was she so hot she gives your eyes third degree burns? tonight, we are joined by author, columnist -- i was thrown off by that. fox news contributor jenna.
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next week moving futon from one side of the room to the other. tonight is he pretty excited about it as andrew levy knows. this is a trend that can cannot start. well, he is tall, sexy, and smart. but enough about nic. here is jesse. he will be performing at charlies in anchorage, alaska. january 21st to 26th, unless he kills himself on the 22nd. there is a possibility that might happen. >> oh, look. he has been around the block more times than a hooker with amnesia. sitting next to me good afternoon, is he a writer for talking and street his book "death of cool now available in paperback. >> alli. the first story. your daughter called. he says -- >> that's sweet voice. what should we fear in the coming year? >> for starters, everything.
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>> once again it's time for: the world economic forum released global list 20entifyin0 greatest threats facing our planet. what's wrong with me? among the potential perils, this school crisis in key economies, high unemployment, severe income disparity. failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation, extreme weather events and profound and social instability. the world economic forum missed several looming dangers. to fill in the gaps, red eye has released its own global threats 2014 report. here is a preview of the dangers we fear.
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♪ ♪ can't argue with that. >> wind surfing. i don't know scalp you. >> people can die from that. christie mccaul. she had by wind surfer. >> that's a tragic story. why make a joke about mom's death. >> you haven't prepared for the show. that's great. jenna, the greatest threat to america in your mind i
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would assume rhymes with barack hussein obama. >> is actually you having a third television show. definitely should be. i feel like barack obama wrote this list. income inequality, climate change, i feel like he was involved in some way. i'm wondering who left off terrorism. anyone, terrorism, islamic extremism? killing all of us kind of a problem? >> it only kills muslims. >> that's totally over. >> i don't know about that. jesse, what are the greatest threats at the hot topic where you work teenagers shoplifting sunglasses? >> that's a big one. >> i'm probably one of the biggest threats. there is that too. >> that's true. weather and countries not getting along. why do they have an annual meeting? like once a year come in and go like okay, guys, what do you say war and -- the sun might explode? cool, see you next year. what's the point?
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like trying to get out early. >> giant bears revelation. same list every year forever. >> i would like to commend you on the fact that you stopped yourself from swearing. >> i did. >> which doesn't mean i won't. i'm just saving them. you gave me a finite number. >> you can only say the word six times. so you have decided not to say it so you can say it later. >> yeah, yeah. exactly. >> all right. andy, to mitigate risk, do you plan to leave your apartment even less this year? >> unless i can start skyping into the show, gregg, that's not really going to be possible. i actually went back and looked at the years they have done this report. climate change, economic and social inequality. but, apparently there was supposed to be a bunch of pandemics last year pandemics high 2013 that never happened. i'm sure they got it right this year. >> exactly. i was going to say threats in my opinion are perceptions that america is weak that allows tyrants to
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expand their power. other threat in our own country is perceiving our security measures as detrimental to our freedoms. exist together and put those two against each other is wrong. new entourage movie i think potentially could kill people. i think we know that i think jerry is a danger. i think adrian greenwa is a war criminal. the greatest threat in the world is the world. the world is very dangerous. >> the world is very dangerous. no, but you think about, we're okay. the united states, we are okay. but the world is not. the world is -- they are the crazy neighbors. >> how about blind -- take away thug kid. everybody goes kid riddance. police take him away. everyone goes good. that was a mean name. no one goes where does the state get the right to take away all these kids. we have blind faith and authority. get worse every year. >> greg? >> those you mentioned two examples. the police do incredible
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work around the country. massive drop in crime saving thousands in minority times. >> there is many great guys. there is this sense of love of authority. part of the obama accept everything. we probably had it coming smart. now outlined all of the problem, sit and talk about them. it doesn't help us really address anything. what's the purpose of this? >> because they have their meeting come up and they have to justice it? >> all meetings are dabos. >> and bono, i guess he is he a rich guy, a bunch of intellectuals and heavy hitters and bono. >> where is doubles? >> switchover. >> if you woke up and you everywhere rich little?
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>> that would be a really bad dream. >> rich little. there you go. >> second time i have made that joke. >> i like it it i was waiting. all right. does splitting the genders make them offenders? krystal ball msnbc. wonders why the awards have separate geargts for male and female actors. unless you are 12 watch the cycle. you probably didn't see he this, so here is the clip. >> it seems kind of ache critical condition -- why do you have to separate it into this like best actor and best actress? why can't they all compete against each other? [ laughter ] >> i don't know where to start. but went on to say that she thinks separating the awards masks the fact that the film industry is heavily mayle dominated and other stuff by that point i had already dosed off.
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what did these cats make of her comments? >> it seems kind of acronistic to me that they separate the men and the women in the awards. >> why? >> i know they want to give out more awards. why do you have to separate it into this best actor and best actress? why can't they all compete against each other? >> that's the best thing i have ever seen. ever seen. >> that was really great. we have to do that now every day. we have to murder that joke. >> unsettling to he me is that cat was sitting in a like learned skin chair. >> in a way, no allegiance whatsoever. >> it's like me sitting in a grandmother. >> like old person. >> where did you get that? grasps or begany. >> made out of a human size chair. >> did he make a little earth joke. jedi a.
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have everyone compete against each other? >> the problem is what happens when i'm a little late on that one. what happens when a man then wins three or four times in a row? do we cry sexism and then do we have to balance everything out and say it's a man one year, a woman next year? so no matter what, people are going to be complaining that it's not fair or that it's not right or that it's not just. someone will be shouting not fair. >> that's a great point, jesse, when you won the golden apple for best assistant manager at the applebee's award. congratulations did you compete against women? >> no, no, no. we have a very strict no hiring women policy. managerial level. and tgi fridays. >> that's true. that's why they are successful. >> and records. >> now we can get sued by three different restaurants. >> why do you think bennigans closed. >> it's bennigans not
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mennigans. >> i don't think doing enough. sexiest men alive. furthermore, i think we should all picket hallmark because i'm not cool with the world's greatest grandmother mug. why? because i'm an unmarried dude in mid 30's with no children should i not be in the running for a world's greatest grandma mug? >> that's genius. i love that idea. that is great, gavin. [bleep] >> no, no. that's your first swear. i generally think that's genius. good afternoon, what do you make her point. >> what jesse said which is let's swallow the improbable possibility that we're not all equal income some people [bleep] and some people are good at their jobs. it's like some people are
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incredibly pretty and some are ugly. maybe men are better at directing movies. sorry. maybe women are better at breast feeding, that's why they win all the breast feeding awards. they are better nurturers. >> there are breast feeding awards. >> i'm am the sole proprietor of that competition and i sample thousands and not one man has ever won. women don't even know they are nominated. >> show the officer my credentials. >> i don't know what's going on. >> andy, you are hosting this year's meows. are the cats separated by gender? >> really? really? >> really? >> yeah, in a perfect world. this might not be a bad idea. real world what you end up with is out of the 10 best nominees for actor, you get nine dudes and merrill street and supporting category nine dudes and
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jennifer lawrence. she killed her own point. she says this and then she says well, this masks the fact that there is complete inequality in good acting roles for men and women. >> well, yeah. there is inequality. so you are not going to get as many women nominated as men. don't look at me like i'm not making sense. >> i'm following it. >> you are making sense. she killed her point but one sentence later. >> does acrinoistic. >> irrelevant. that question is irrelevant. >> kung fu led many to say boo. it's the subject wants -- of tonight's: >> is this racist. >> racist sitcom how i met your mother has been accused of racism after attempting a racist martial arts tribute at last monday's episode jason seagull's character learned ancient fighting moves so he could slap his buddy in the face a long running joke on this racist
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show. instructures are played by his racist co-stars. >> the sound of one hand slapping. >> i'm sorry, i don't understand. [ laughter ] wait. how did you -- lucky shot. i wasn't ready you know, that tip isn't a full 20%. [ laughter ] >> train me, red bird. >> wow, outraged viewers expressed outrage that the lily white cast was dressed up in stereotypical asian outfits and given yellow face, end quotes. in response the show's creator tweeted we set out to make a silly and unabashedly homage. genre we always loved. along the way we offended people. we are deeply sorry and grateful to everyone who spoke up to make us aware of it still, angry viewers continue to line up against the show.
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♪ >> only wra they can do that is kill the mom. no mom is going to let do you that. they say it was a homage, not sure what that means. are they liars on top of racists? on top of liars? >> i don't understand what the big deal is, look, it's one episode. like as a comedian. you don't see me getting all up in arms at the last 200 episodes where they label themselves a comedy show. you know what i mean? that's offensive. >> i have never seen the show hash tag angry viewers on twitter. it's how i met your racism, which is incredibly clever and hard to argue with. >> not a pun at all.
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>> so poorly written and badly worded like how dare you twitter idiots. >> it's like weinstein entering never allowed. not a dude. it's not a lie. what do you make of. this the whole thing is kind of acirinno stmplet ic. cartoon version of traditional folk tales where they go. >> yeah yeah yeah. >> they are making fun of themselves and then when you -- it's like them doing a bugs bunny cartoon and going that's not what rabbits do. they are on all fours. and they are ♪ snarky like that. >> it's ridiculous. >> it's like the washington redskins logo. that cartoon is offensive? it's a cartoon.
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kung fu movies are cartoon. >> if we are going to say black face is offensive. we have to say yellow face is offensive. >> white cast that essentially yellow face. >> yellow paint on their faces. >> that's what they are saying. >> no they're not. had mascara on. >> if that's true though. i have to wonder what producer doesn't know in this day and age not to do that and that your audience is not going to be receptive to that? >> i couldn't see it maybe i can't tell. i don't see the makeup but andy, you probably did some very serious research into this that you are going to bore us to tears with. >> i did. wearing a shade of yellow known as number 7 -- i don't know. they were wearing yellowish makeup though. they were? asian people aren't yellow. >> that's part of the problem. >> is it the mustache? >> that's part of the problem, too. >> it's called cultural appropriation, greg. look it up. would you please get online and read the blogs? you know this is -- either
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genius word i just coined or something been around for a while. probably been around for a while. >> that sounds like acinostist. >> they didn't give them stereotypical chinese accents. they knew not to go there. >> no one can go there. >> what they should have done is brought in asian actors that look like neil patrick harris, that's what they should have done that. >> would have been funny. >> that would have been funny. >> instead. >> catch-22. how can we do this and not be funny. coming up. my desk. i give myself three maybe four decades. first, has this man really not bathed in 60 years? i don't know. why are you asking me for? i don't even know the guy.
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map map acted like snobs and didn't get the job. name the most outrageous thing the job applicant had done during interview. answers were quite answerry. one applicant told the interviewer she had taken too much valium. warning it wouldn't be indicative of actual personality. one asked for a hug. one actually crashed her car into the building. then there was the applicant who said when the interview impress me. the interviewers newspaper was set on fire. finally, one applicant acted out a star trek roll but i gave andy the job anyway. employer said that overall the biggest blunders, job seekers make are appearing disinterested, dressing inappropriately and
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appearing arrogant like this applicant. >> stupid cat. have you paws, you don't have hands. >> like whatever, dude, i hate it like your cat. >> so frustratingly thumbless. >> i know. oh, look at me with my paws. good afternoon? >> i think out of everybody here you are the only person that owns and runs a business. so you must interview a lot of people. >> i do. >> insight? stories? >> new thing with millennials bringing your folks to the interview. >> really? >> yep. and the millennials in the foreground and they are in the background maybe leaning forward and going he was top of his lacrosse team.
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did that happen? >> i would be less mortified if you had a drunk you [bleep] smash bottle of champagne. i would hire him immediately. or when you fire them, their parents call you. go what the hell is going on? are you out of your mind? who are you? >> you have actually had that happen. >> angry dad call me asking me if i was out of my mind. >> where i work and i won't say where was a magazine a guy brought his parents to his job review and they sat there and they were like shaking heir heads because they knew he was going to get fired. so they came and sat with him. and one of the parents was ill. so it added even an extra layer of weirdness. it was at a magazine that no longer work at. and it was very strange. jesse, i'm guessing the worst mistake you ever made on your job interviews was wearing a pac sunfqñiñ mesh tan.
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>> was that for purple sweaters and glory holes. >> i will have you know, i buy that for the recipes. >> sure. >> it is a weekly good stir i guess it depends on the job. if you acted out a star trek role, that wouldn't be inappropriate if you were trying to get a job or if you wore a jogging suit to your interview. if you were applying for the role of the job of professional [bleep] the example where the lady crashed her car into the building applying for a job as a panda express delivery driver. that's how you make an asian russian asian joke. terrible joke i disown that kind of humor. what do you make of this any interview stories. >> if i were interviewing someone.
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i would want someone like good afternoon. these are people you have to work with every day. you want a little funny and witty. who wants someone come in on an interview and be boring? >> qualifications are 10% of the job. you have to hang out with these people. >> exactly. >> all day. and 90% of a job is just pushing paper and filling out forms. >> are you cool to hang out with? >> right. it's all about likability. >> overeducated millennials come in and never interned before and incredible resumes that's nice. i have to hang out with you all day if you are boring. a guy who took his teeth out might have pushed it a little far. >> talking about dental benefits at the time. >> andy? >> will you stop bringing your cats interview or will that will help. >> bringing your cats is not on that list. >> that's true. >> dressing up as the
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applicants call himself personal hero. >> i want to be me one day. >> how do you see yourself in five years. >> i have a feeling like people look at job interviews now. it's kind of like so 90's. why can't you read my twitter feed or hit me up on facebook and you will find out i'm a really cool guy because i haven't done any real work. i went to probably 200 interviews in one year before i got my first real job i don't even have an ending to that. other than i moved to allen town, pennsylvania. that's a guy who took a job. >> no dude in brooklyn is going to move to allen town right now. i moved from the bay area of allen town to take a job. >> i stayed there for 10 years. >> that's because millennials are living in their parents' house and taking them on interviews. >> by the way, millennials
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are okay. >> they are okay. >> they are lazy. >> no experience and they are lazy. >> millennials. >> divorced smokers. >> how i met your mothers whole segment on millennials. >> coming up the c block. it's sponsored by oil pipeline. those pipeline used to transport oil. thanks oil pipeline. >> you are welcome. i would like to transport you through my pipeline. >> what does that even mean? have they been working out? i can tell. >> well, i have oil pipeline, thanks. later: >> would you buy a haunted house? better question, would a haunted house buy you?
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he would rather not lather. the tehran time where i get all minus a man in iran who hasn't bathe in 60 years sitting right next to me. anyway, what's worse, not showering or never changing your clothes? it's time once again for -- >> 2014. live from the red eye debate center. >> welcome back to the red eye debate senator. i'm greg gutfeld.
11:33 pm
tonight's topic. iranian man apparently the world record holder for the first time not taking a shower. congrats. just barely beating out johnny depp. being clean will make him sick. spends most of him time living off the land animal feces. went through emotional set backs and used died decided to live isolated life. now he says he hole. drinks water from rusty can. i knew he would have something in common. big question obviously what's worse, never bathing or changing your clothes. jediah? >> never bathing. if you don't bathe, that's dirt. >> you dated him in the actual 90's. >> no. i dated him beforehand. before when he was still bathing. i used to bathe him actually. >> to be fair in the 90's he had only gone like 40 years. >> that's not bad. >> he drinks from a rusty
11:34 pm
oil can. >> i just said that. >> you said it all? >> yes. >> sorry, i wasn't listening him. >> that was the whole last thing i said. >> jesse, you have been there. >> to tehran? >> no. i mean metaphorically. not washing for years. but he had the guts to actually stick with it he didn't get out of his funk. you got out of your funk. >> i did, yeah. >> you have lost your funk. >> if we're just going to give awards now to record holders, to insane people, like then i would like to nominate the guy in my neighborhood who almost certainly has masturbated on the world's most mailboxes. >> that's got to be worth something. >> i told kilmeade he has got to go somewhere else. kilmeade thompson, my old buddy from high school. >> he is he a weirdo. when he needs a hair cut he burns it off over a fire. >> take one of your dreads
11:35 pm
and singh it is a little. >> nuclear weapons, had evidence, done all of these aerial photographs where you see uranium. it turns out it was his foreskin. time the administration admits they were wrong. >> i thought you were going to say something brilliant like we can't find their nuclear enrichment facilities but we can -- >> -- we did we found it's about this big. if you laugh he will continue. >> i can't help it. >> andy, run laps and new york city is gone. >> should we or you be jealous of him. he doesn't have a care in the world. >> kind of a couple of things. i tweeted producer of the bachelor and i asked to please put this guy on the show his response was can't,
11:36 pm
too tall. i don't know what that means. for the record holder thing, he can't prove that he holds the record for this. >> that's true. >> there is absolutely no way to proof how long -- gone. >> unless somebody saw you take your last path 60 years ago. >> i told you i gave him his last baath. >> this gil a lier and cheat. >> take a booinger -- booger out. >> this guy actually wrote after all maybe showing us alternative and uncongenial way of life to live. who is is to say who is right and wrong. >> alternative lifestyle wins again. >> but then they wrote i'm assuming this is a bad translation this is what it says. he has no fear of getting rubbed at night because he has no possessions. >> robbed. >> >> that was a bad translation. >> i'm guessing he has no fear of being rubbed at night either. >> can i say i'm a germ
11:37 pm
germiphobe. >> you are afraid of them. >> and aren't we all. a shady past. >> in the subway i sanitize. this guy who is filthy is seemingly healthy alive, i think we are a bunch of nuts. maybe we think my life. >> maybe go to iran and make passionate love to him. >> can we agree as far as the actual debate topic goes not bathing or wearing dirty clothes after 60 years it probably doesn't matter. >> one in the same. they stick together like fat people in a recliner at the end of the article they admit he suffered emotional trauma as a child. it's like you had me at smoking animal feces. >> they said so much by saying nothing at all. kate gosselin appeared on talk about their life since
11:38 pm
show. >> we have not seen you or gotten to talk to you two in a long, long time. and you are out because you want to let the world know you are doing okay. what would you want to say about how you and your sister and your family are doing? >> um, -- >> maddy? your words? >> it's hard. it's a hard question. >> oh. >> what about you, kara? >> no -- >> this is their chance to talk. wordless.k for them, made, go ahead, tell her the things you said in the magazine that years later, they are fine. go for it. >> you just said it. >> i said it. >> okay. i guess use you, good afternoon, since you are the -- gavin, here,. >> i talked to a guy about.
11:39 pm
this he said by the time they get to that age, you are so destroyed, you lie on the kitchen floor and you say please, don't die. and they go on a date. you don't stand over and say why are you so late? you are just a beaten man. >> is that girls or boys? >> girls. boys are kind of cool like you go you winner snapper you drove a tracker into a slump. i'm so mad. >> these girls, remind me of bubble boy when they had to make up that story. you see the kid go. i was kidnapped. >> that was a great story. >> you can imagine the conversation when they i mean, because i know my mom when i would do something that was kind of fresh. she would be so polite in front of people. then when you get back stage i told you to say what was on your [bleep] mind. >> there you go. i knew that was going to come out jesse, as someone who caters to teenage customers at the mall every day. can you tell if they planned this or did they just clam
11:40 pm
up out of fear? >> i don't cater to them. >> you do serve them food. >> i was going to say you work at sabarro. you eat a lot of pizza. >> not a lot i could do about it. >> i would like to call this video a defendant's exhibit a. >> future legal team who undoubtedly use it to secure a not guilty verdict some day when these girls drown their own kids in the bathtub. >> yeah, it's -- is this what happens when you put kids on tv they don't grow up. obscurity beats hands down when you are young. andy, you still play racquetball with jon gosselin on weekends. how was his take on this? >> thought it was fantastic. >> talking to my good friend dana perino about this. she was saying which i think is a good point. she felt sorry the most for savanna guthrie. >> you should be like an actual correspondent and cover serious news.
11:41 pm
poor savanna. four or five times a day. take a break. i don't know why you haven't bought my book yet. called not cool. coming out in march. all book retailers. coming out now. go to my web site. g. what are you waiting for?
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they answer the calls of those tripping balls. i speak of trip tick. internet community drug experiences. both good and bad. if they were good they wouldn't go there. last month, for instance, trip sit dangerous amount of xanax with booze. called the local ems and counsel until help arrived. trip sit is one of the few
11:45 pm
places in the world where people can come to get guidance how to better their lives and being cast out as drug addict or abuser. jesse? >> you are fine now though, right? >> yes. >> they were able to help? >> great job. >> jesse, you spent most of your nights in chat rooms arguing where pantera is better than slayer, have you ever gone mere. >> make it this one. >> it's not even an argument. >> player is better. >> other people. >> listen, greg, let's not be so judgey, unless we forget this show at the moment is helping all of its viewers navigate their way and enhance the experience of drinking alone or. [ laughter ] >> i would like to apologize to viewers at home. >> none of the viewers have ever huffed paint. i go out on the road and meet more of the viewers. >> you are red eye's ambassador. >> i'm going to be in alaska. that's the paint -- paint
11:46 pm
huffing capital of the world. >> it's not even a state flower. it's an activity. i get the joke. gavin, gavin? >> drugs are are getting stronger. so isn't it necessary? a lot of people don't know how strong drugs are. i actually do think it's necessary. one thing that helped me through a lot of bad acid trips someone said look it sucks what you are going through. having a bad trip. it will only last six hours. wait it out. people work in sewers and pull rats out of clogged drains you have to sit for six hours. >> what's a bad acid trip alike. >> having your parents skinned alive in front of you. as far as your brain can handle of bad happening i won't do acid then. >> don't do it -- when it's good it's pretty awesome. i learned trip had done too much heroin, take him for a
11:47 pm
walk. if someone is getting logy like a diabetic on heroin, walk them for 40 blocks. get the blood pumping that will save his life. >> will it really? >> yeah. >> don't angel dust users need guardian angels? >> that was cute, greg. that was adorable. inticket to say enable the problem. doesn't it sort of instead of going to rehab, doesn't this act like enabler, i asked a friend of mine when i got the story who was a former addict he said no, this really helps me. this is sort of what got me from step one to step 2. didn't enable me. got me through the hard time and then personal responsibility kicked in and i went and got help. >> didn't go go back to another trip. >> isn't it for right now. >> through the months that you are doing it it right now you think that demons are trying to eat your eyes. >> true, if you know you have someone there to go through that with you. it doesn't incentivize it well if i do it again someone will catch my fall was my point.
11:48 pm
>> dan aykroyd on snl. >> did very heavy drugs. >> on sunshine. >> i want you to relax. everly brothers. >> yeah. >> andy, how many times have you been on trip sitters? >> i actually checked out this trip sit today and you are absolutely right, gavin, people saying hey, i'm having a really bad trip right now and people saying it will last four to six hours. you will be okay. stay here. a lot of people taken a trip called 25 is known as m bomb. a designer psychodelic drug. literally like five in a row just took m bomb. just took 25 i. oh, this is a good place. >> curious. >> great place to go. for law and order plot. >> what music should i be listening to? >> people help them out. >> scrilex. >> culture correct m bomb go on to a site and ask people
11:49 pm
how to deal with this. that drug you moron. all right. do you have a comment on the show? email us at red eye at got a video your animal doing having go to eye. video coming up haunted house. i love haunted houses, don't you? [ male announcer ] what if a small company
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>> brand new red eye returns monday, 3:00 a.m. eastern. midnight. >> e block! last story! that's the last story! ♪ ♪ >> is it less wanted if it is haunted? a couple trying to sell their victorian home in north eastern pennsylvania. they're upfront about the phantoms. it reveals is its charms. slightly haunted. nothing serious, though, the sounds of phantom footsteps and describes screams at 3:00 in the morning and the visage in the bathroom mirror. sound like my place.
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jesse in october, you worked at the haunted house in bethlehem, pennsylvania, playing lurch. do you believe in ghosts? >> i actually did work at a haun haunted house once. but i didn't get to pick the costume. so i was a psychotic clown. they gave me a red nose and cleaver. the room had a dead hooker. the only light was a strobe light. had to be in it for five hours. for real. and after like two hours, you are like, son of a, jesus, did i kill this hooker? which makes the kids come in. they're like that's scary. i guess. a clown crying in the corner. he seems to be remorseful for murdering a hooker. really a complicated skit you set up. >> it's real. >> gavin, i wish there were ghosts do you believe in ghosts? >> no. >> you don't? >> no. >> i have an iq over 80. so, if i -- hard to sell some times. >> if i ever saw a guest.
11:55 pm
i would have so many questions. i would go, i'm reading, why are you in this room? go to the white house. find out of what the secrets are. go watch beyonce have sex. like go hang out with ms 13. watch them plan murders and stuff. what are you doing watching me read blogs? >> gavin, if you knew anything about ghosts, you would know they're physical manifestations tied to a certain location where something traumatic happened to them. >> get a weekend pass. >> you don't get a weekend pass. >> go fly. >> you don't get a weekend pass from hell, gavin, you'll find out soon. >> taking the weekend off. >> would you live in a house with a ghost? >> i think i have a ghost. because my dog, when, there is nothing going on in the apartment. gavin, for real. the dog's eyes follow and there is nothing there. >> dogs are stupid. >> okay. >> dogs are --
11:56 pm
i'll tell you what, i see a ghost over there. >> there is a ghost in my apartment. >> proof that my invisibility cloak worked. >> you told me i was going to get to try that? >> i lied. >> oh. >> well i get to still go to jonathan's house. >> all you. >> yeah. yeah. >> i've don't know why that name, i don't know, would pop in. >> by the way he doesn't care if you are invisible or not. letting you know. >> greg, is that you in you invisibility cloak. >> dressed as a giant cat. any way. >> in skeechers. >> what does slightly haunted mean >> like slightly pregnant. haunted or it's not. >> you know what, slightly haunted it is a little person.
11:57 pm
>> no, just a baby. >> doesn't know it is a ghost. >> a thin ghost. >> all right. jesse, tv's andy
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
huckabee. >> tonight on huckabee. he will use his pen to sign excutive orders, the president changed his tune with the way s nsa collects issue. >> and mitch mcconnell reacts. millions of credit cards hacked. and who pays the bill? jerry wulis has the advice. plus, she had a choice, keep her unborn baby or her eye sight. her decision on huckabee tonight.


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